We are Sophie, Nick and our beautiful daughter Poppy! 

You can follow our personal accounts @svpearce and @nicholaspearce

We have lived in Cabarita Beach for 3 years and think it is the best place in the world. We moved to Cabarita Beach in November 2015 when we bought this charming little beach shack. Throughout 2016 we did renovations on the house and started renting it out on AirBnB in 2017 when people started showing interest on Instagram. 

Grounds of Cabarita went on a short hiatus from the public when we welcomed our beautiful daughter, Poppy, into this world in February 2018. 

This year we will be moving elsewhere in Cabarita Beach (you can follow @pandanusplace to see that house), and Grounds of Cabarita will be exclusively rented out through AirBnB from December 2018. 

We absolutely love having guests into this home we have created. We love recommending fun activities and great places in the area and ensuring that when people come to stay they have the best time possible, whether that is jam packed or doing absolutely nothing! 

Our dream is to one day open a larger bed and breakfast or a boutique hotel! 

We can't wait to have you stay at Grounds of Cabarita! 

All our love, 

Sophie, Nick and Poppy xx

To get in contact with us email us at groundsofcabarita@outlook.com or DM us through our instagram @groundsofcabarita .